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All the live demonstrator contents
Boot splash screen of historic version 1.0 beta3
Cover of current version 1.0 beta6

SPACEflight lets you experience the Internet of Services! The SPACEflight live demonstrator system consists of a basic operating system plus system-integrated and preconfigured SPACE components in the form of packages which form the base of a service marketplace. It also features several scenario services with full web service descriptions and corresponding rich clients as service frontends, for Rusco and other implementations. A special service-integrated desktop environment and a cloud computing environment with more complex scenario services including value-added services and resource service slices are also present. For developers, there is a complete engineering and provisioning toolchain. In the future, more hosting technologies and cloud service options will be integrated. SPACEflight runs without any Internet connection but can set up a connection for additional features such as distributed grid computing integration.

The goal of SPACEflight is twofold: First, it allows desktop users to experience the power of the Internet of Services from a service provider or consumer perspective, or from a top-down view on a complete service ecosystem. Second, it can be used as a pure server system for rapid replication of service hosting functionality. Such a distributed setup linked to a central marketplace instance of SPACEflight is useful for running experiments and simulations.

SPACEflight in Action

Screenshot of SPACEflight 1.0 beta6 running in the TIZ

A pre-installed instance of SPACEflight 1.0 beta6 can be seen and experienced in the THESEUS-Innovationszentrum in Berlin!

Find out more about the centre:

We've also handed about about a dozen live DVDs and USB sticks at conferences and events.

Scientific Material and Documentation

SPACEflight comes with a short demonstrator usage manual (latest manual sources available in git here and further material here).

There's now a build tutorial available: SPACEflight/Mastering Guide

SPACEflight - A Versatile Live Demonstrator and Teaching System for Advanced Service-Oriented Technologies. J. Spillner, 21st International Crimean Conference on Microwave and Telecommunication Technology (CriMiCo/КрыМиКо), Sewastopol, Ukraine, September 12-16, 2011.

The ТЕСЛА Service Platform: Web Service Sharing based on Modular Platform Services. J. Spillner, A. Schill, FIS - Future Internet Symposium, Berlin, Germany, September 1-3, 2009.

Download/Version control

For download options (DVD image, USB image, VirtualBox image), see SPACEflight/Versions.

Version control of the build script happens through the media directory in the Git repository, with some parts coming from packaging/branding and packaging/spaceflight. See also Code Repository and Package Repository for more download resources.

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