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HVCRB Architecture
HVCRB integration into SPACEflight

A Highly-Virtualising Cloud Resource Broker (HVCRB) is a mediator system between cloud computing infrastructure providers which offer compute and storage resources (IaaS) and clients who have a need for short-term or best-effort resource capacity.

It consists on the top level of a market (e.g. Spot Market) for resources and a Nested Cloud base virtual machine which delivers certain cloud management functionality inside the VM. As such, it uses Recursive Virtualisation technologies in combination with elastic vertical scaling (i.e. dynamic resource redimensioning) which not only allows clients to use their resources better by being able to sub-sell or sub-dedicate parts of them, but also projects existing virtualised infrastructures better into single public cloud allocations.

The Recursive Virtualisation project is publicly available as recvirt. The Nested Cloud bits which build on top of it can be found in the nestedcloud directory in the hvcrb branch of the SPACE-Cloud connector. The new Python/Django-based Spot Market is developed externally at tud-hvcrb. Finally, the integrated HVCRB marketplace and scenario services as well as the associated SPACE modifications can be found both there and in the parati branch of SPACE. The next version of the live demonstrator SPACEflight is supposed to contain all this.

The work on HVCRB is a joint collaboration effort between Technische Universität Dresden and Universidade Federal de Campina Grande - Laboratório de Sistemas Distribuídos.

Scientific Material and Documentation

Of principal interest for starting with the topic are the HVCRB/Nested Cloud poster and the documentation directory in the git repository.

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