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Branch and merge paths defining the SPACE development workflow

SPACE is maintained in Git, a popular distributed version control system. Due to the nature of being a result of a research project, the development follows certain patterns along well-defined branch and merge paths.

The figure on the right side explains the version control workflow. Notable merge paths are the integration of components developed by students in Subversion repositories, a completely separate merge area for integrating with confidential project results, and a public access layer which ensures a true decentral control over the further development.

Use the following commands to clone our master repository for public read-only access:

% git clone git://

Developers use a different URL for push access through gitolite:

% git clone

Git protocol access and browsing is realised with Gitweb for SPACE and associated repositories.

You can also browse the repository and see what's new through Trac.

A mirror of the repository also exists at Gitorious!

See documentation on branches and extensions.

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