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Showcases >> TEXO Lab / Integrated Demonstrator
The TEXO Lab is an industrial/academic multi-partner testbed for new applications in the Internet of Services. It can be used for experiments, pilot studies and scenario variations. Various SPACE platform services are used therein to form the core of the TEXO Service Runtime platform, integrating other prototypical results from consortium partners of the THESEUS/TEXO research project. The feedback on TEXO Lab has shown that there indeed a commercial use potential for service platform technologies.
In the image below, the structure of the first controlled TEXO Lab experiment called Integrated Demonstrator is shown. It involves the SPACE service platform as central platform between the service engineer's development environment, the public-facing marketplace and several additional backend components on the brokering and hosting platform.
Visit the TEXO Lab pages in the Internet of Services community portal.

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