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  Welcome to! The Open Source Service Platform Research initiative is committed to exploring, hosting and promoting innovative research ideas in the Internet of Services, Cloud Computing and service ecosystems. We invite researchers everywhere to use our results and to contribute back.  
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The Service Prototyping Lab (SPLab) in conjunction with the InIT Cloud Computing Lab (ICCLab) will become a new hotspot for industry-relevant applied research on pervasive and immersive services, distributed service platforms and tools, cloud-native applications, new service domains such as cloud robotics, and operational perspectives. Opened in August 2015, SPLab is one of the most focused and active labs, committed to the advancement of service technology.
In line with the principles of service-oriented computing, many models and software tools will be re-used when designing and implementing prototypes in the SPLab. Selected new software might even be added to in the future.
Much of the work on projects is either publicly funded work or comes from volunteer contributions. Please check out our credits and funding sections to learn more.