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Service communities work not only in the large (as is the case for the global Crowdserving portal), but also in the small for groups of service developers. Servomat is a special instance of SPACE with its Social Service Network extension which explicitly considers the needs and requirements of student groups in lectures concerning service engineering. Each semester, a Servomat community is created with the inscription lists of participating students, each student group forms a virtual enterprise and may offer tradeable services and associated frontend and documentation products through the network. The services are developed on the student's computers, but they can also be created on SPACEflight and be submitted to the Servomat portal automatically.
In addition to the social network, a task tracking and collaborative review system called Servomat 2.0 is available to aid the development and exchange between students. The image below shows the logo for Servomat 2.0 and behind it the start screen of the Servomat social network portal during the 2009/10 course of the lecture on development of distributed systems for SOA.
Visit the Servomat information page on our wiki or, if you are inside the network of TU Dresden, have a look at the instance for the SOA lecture practical exercises!

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