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Showcases >> FlexCloud's π-Box and NubiSave Cloud Storage Controller
The π-Cloud is a vision defined by the FlexCloud research project. Such a community cloud is formed by the cooperative and collaborative overlay network of personal cloud control units called π-Boxes. Each π-Box orchestrates the further personal devices of each user to make them and their resources and contents selectively available to the community cloud, either directly or through markets and social networks. In the π-Box, specific ontologies are used to represent software, data and resource services which are registered in ConQo, the discovery platform service of SPACE. Furthermore, SPACE is being adapted to support the flexible placement of services and service migration between devices. Additional service classes (e.g. devices, products and human work) are experimentally supported, too. Just like SPACEflight, the π-Box can be run as a virtual machine, from USB stick or preinstalled on just about any computer form factor.
NubiSave is a cloud storage controller for the desktop. It, too, relies on the resource service ontologies to select the best suitable combination of local and cloud storage resources for forming a virtual aggregate resource with well-defined security, quality and other non-functional properties. NubiSave then defines a storage flow with certain modifications and policy restrictions between the client and all storage resources. Of course, NubiSave ships as integral part of the π-Box distribution, but it can also be downloaded as stand-alone utility by interested users.
Visit the project websites of the NubiSave storage controller, of the π-Box (broken link) containing the CloudRemix (broken link) cockpit for personal cloud management, and further FlexCloud prototypes!

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