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Composition of Rich User Interface Services (CRUISe) is a challenging task: UI components and interaction metaphers are anything but uniform, personalisation and context awareness is missing in most toolkits, complex UI components are hard to encapsulate and their customisation takes a lot of effort. Therefore, the CRUISe idea is to treat UI elements as services and register them in a service registry which, incidentally, is a graphically and functionally modified variant of ConQo, the SPACE registry platform service. The CRUISe registry adds UI service ontologies, a new descriptive artefact type called UI Service Description Language (UISDL), functional subdomain browsing and full-text search.
The diagram below describes the basic functionality of CRUISe. It demonstrates especially how UI services can be connected to functional and data services to integrate them into flexible application and service ecosystems.
Visit the CRUISe project website and its continued development and refinement at EDYRA.

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