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The yellow pages books are an established way of finding local businesses and service providers. However, in the age of information retrieval and social interaction on the Internet, new means need to be established to trade services. Crowdserving is a social service network based on a graphically adapted instance of SPACE which allows anyone to register, to offer services, or to search for and consume existing services. Due to the reference character of this portal, a large variety of crawled conventional web service descriptions, specially crafted framework diversity web services, automatically mass-produced web services and well-described human/manual services are already available to demonstrate the advantages of open service economies.
Services on Crowdserving can have both informal text descriptions, and formalised description artefacts. They can be located on a map and referenced by graphical service frontend products. Furthermore, Crowdserving is connected to an experimental facility on top of SPACE which itself is connected to the scientific data management repository at, thus forming a suitable entry point for experiments and analysis tasks. Several evaluation studies have already been performed on Crowdserving, including Real World Services in Dresden and user testing with students from India.
Visit the global social service network reference installation Crowdserving!

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