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The Cloud Storage Lab is an informal laboratory dedicated to the advancement of cloud storage with scientific methods. The mission of the Cloud Storage Lab is therefore to perform scientific research, software development and experiments in order to improve the quality of using multi-cloud storage services as well as associated compute and network services. Service artefacts such as ontologies, registries and proxies are re-used from results as much as possible.
Concrete results from the lab are NubiSave, a controller and virtual file system for combining cloud storage providers along with a storage flow editor GUI; NubiVis for visualising dispersed data; and StealthDB to actively work with the data in a database or event stream processing context.
Results from the Cloud Storage Lab have been presented at various conferences as scientific talks and demonstrations. System demonstrations were given at MobiQuitous, IEEE CloudCom, IEEE/ACM UCC, IEEE BlackSeaCom and NetSys (GI/KuVS), among others.

Much of the work on projects is either publicly funded work or comes from volunteer contributions. Please check out our credits and funding sections to learn more.