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  Welcome to! The Open Source Service Platform Research initiative is committed to exploring, hosting and promoting innovative research ideas in the Internet of Services, Cloud Computing and service ecosystems. We invite researchers everywhere to use our results and to contribute back.  
Showcases @
The progress of our projects already led to a number of public presentations, project cooperations, showcase websites and lab installations. Learn more about the usefulness of our results!
Service Prototyping Lab (SPLab)

In line with the principles of service-oriented computing, many models and software tools will be re-used when designing and implementing prototypes in the SPLab.
Cloud Storage Lab

Using service and cloud offerings requires improved integration and consumption software. Tools, layers, libraries and applications for accessing especially multi-service/multi-cloud environments are the research focus of the Cloud Storage Lab. Beside cloud storage, its scope extends into compute and network services as well as long as similar concepts, such as dispersed and stealth data coding, apply.
Crowdserving - Use the Internet of Services!

Crowdserving is a very special instance of the Social Service Network Extension on top of SPACE: It serves not only as global showcase for a collaborative service marketplace, with billing through the imaginary ServBank, but also collects a large number of service descriptions and deployed services used for experiments.
FlexCloud's π-Box and NubiSave Cloud Storage Controller

The π-Box is an upcoming personal cloud control unit which can be connected to other π-Boxes to form a trustworthy and flexible community cloud. It manages software, data and dynamic resource services. One of its local applications is NubiSave, a distributed cloud storage controller which splits data among several storage resource services in the cloud. Both the π-Box and NubiSave use the service discovery and contract management facilities of SPACE.
Servomat - Academic Collaborative Web Service Portal

The Servomat allows students to submit web services developed at their computers (possibly running SPACEflight) to a central web service directory which is connected to a social network. Servomat is like a little sister instance to Crowdserving, but with additional task and collaboration tools, and we encourage its deployment in other academic education institutions.
TEXO Lab / Integrated Demonstrator

THESEUS/TEXO was a large German lighthouse research project to develop concepts for business webs and infrastructures for the Internet of Services. Reaching the project finalisation, the TEXO Lab was set up to let prospective technology users evaluate all prototypes. The TEXO Service Runtime, consisting mostly of SPACE platform services, has been an important lab component from the start.
CRUISe Component Repository

CRUISe was a funded research project which has introduced and formalised the notion of user interface services. ConQo, the SPACE registry and discovery component, was used for the UI service description registration and retrieval, including binding descriptions for concrete UI frameworks.
Public Demonstrations & Installations

We've been present at a number of public industry and community events for demonstrating SPACEflight, Crowdserving, the TEXO Lab and other results. Also, poster and demo presentations were given in academic events. The SPACEflight demonstrator is also permanently installed in the THESEUS Innovation Centre in Berlin.

Much of the work on projects is either publicly funded work or comes from volunteer contributions. Please check out our credits and funding sections to learn more.