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Service science is heading towards a uniform view on conventional (manual) and electronic services. The Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) paradigm has gained widespread acceptance among Internet of Services and Cloud Computing research communities. In fact, its scope extends into the real world and cyper-physical systems as well. While generic service description languages have long been standardised, specific vocabulary to capture all aspects of XaaS has so far not been available in a central, consolidated project. WSMO4IoS is a well-structured approach to change this.
WSMO4IoS base ontologies encompass physical units, metrics, system and service properties as well as non-technical properties for business, legal and context aspects. The higher-level domain ontologies make use of these concepts, possibly adding custom ones such as specific service technologies, and describe domain-specific service concepts. Finally, these domain ontologies are instantiated to describe actual services as instance ontologies.
WSML service descriptions can be used to find suitable services against a similarly structured goal, to derive SLA templates, and to carry updated properties from runtime service monitoring.
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