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Projects >> Service Engineering and Provisioning Toolchain Extension
The creation of new services requires mostly just good ideas and the right tooling, but the success of offerings also depends on suitable descriptions and good information and reaction mechanisms to quickly improve any suboptimal parts of the offerings through modification and reengineering. Due to heterogeneous service technologies on the hosting side, the engineering toolchain shall account for heterogeneous editors and concentrate the binding to the service platform in one place.
The image below shows the concrete realisation of such a toolchain attached to the SPACE service platform. Editors (for WSML, USDL, WSAG) and other development tools are integrated on the operating system level through files. A bundler takes all modelled and implemented artefacts and creates service packages, which can be deployed in the Provider Wizard of SPACE. The description artefacts are then submitted to the registry, while the executable parts are sent to the Unified Hosting deployer of SPACE. Both the bundler and Provider Wizard allow individual artefacts as well as the complete service package to be updated.
The extension also contains engineering support for reliable, adaptive and fault-tolerant RESTful service clients.
Read more about the Service Engineering and Provisioning Toolchain extension in the wiki!

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