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Projects >> SPACEflight - Live Demonstrator for the Internet of Services
SPACEflight takes you on a flight through an innovative and intuitive service science and service computing ecosystem. The live demonstrator is designed to run as an autonomous hosting server, a service broker or a combined full demonstration. It guides the user through all processes from the perspectives of service provider, service consumer and service platform operator. For the provider, it covers the service lifecycle phases of modelling, implementation, assembly, provisioning, deployment, long-term portfolio management and redeployment/reengineering. For the consumer, it covers the phases of search/discovery, selection, configuration, contract and tariff negotiation, frontend delivery, invocation and rating.
The picture below describes the SPACEflight integration and production process. For this purpose, all SPACE platform services are properly packaged for a seamless installation at the operating system level, while all extensions are pulled in through extension scripts depending on the configuration of the overall system, which is a tradeoff between system requirements and functionality. A customised graphical desktop environment offers icon groups for shortcuts to the most relevant components and demonstration steps. Through the Internet of Services extension, the customisation even includes direct platform service access from the desktop.
Read more about SPACEflight, especially download options, in the wiki!

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