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Projects >> Service Platform Architecture for Contracting and Execution (SPACE)
SPACE is a free modular platform for user-centric service operations. It allows services to be brokered, traded and hosted. SPACE consists of loosely-coupled platform services, each of which has its own configuration, database and web frontend. SPACE makes as few assumptions as possible about the nature of a service. It might be a USDL-described human service, a WSDL-described web service, a UISDL-described user interface service or a WADL-described infrastructure service. Furthermore, if a service implementation is present, it is treated in a uniform way - for Ruby servicelets, Java servlets, BPEL processes, PHP scripts and virtual machines alike.
In the image below, the basic structure of SPACE is shown. Providers use a service portfolio management tool and a deployment mechanism to bring their services onto the platform. Consumers search for them using preferences which are matched against the registered functional service domains and non-functional properties. Selected services can be configured and contract-protected. Once a service is ready to be used, the consumer either refers to its invocation endpoint (e.g. for use in compositions) or chooses to use an interactive service frontend. In the (potentially distributed) hosting part of SPACE, each service invocation is checked for authentication and contract-dependent authorisation before the execution takes place. Each service and each execution is monitored. The monitoring data can be used for service adaptation or for condensing and feeding back to an analysis and visualisation at the broker. Finally, the user can rate services based on experience. All ratings and monitoring results can influence the service offers for the next cycle.
Read more about SPACE and its platform services in the wiki!

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