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Projects >> DaaMob Service Platform: Brokering Data Services in the Cloud
DaaMob refers to the vision of having broad pervasive access to data sources (both sensor-provided and software-provided) and value-added processed data in applications. The full name contains the central elements: Service-based platform concepts for cross-provider third-party applications with mobile components in the Internet of Things. The DaaMob Service Platform, in particular, offers provider and consumer interfaces to data source management.
The platform consists of four main parts. The first, SensDash, is a web-based sensor and data source browser. Developers find suitable data sources and access them as services, including endpoints, contracts and composition. The second, DataHub, registers data sources and handles the multi-protocol flow of data. The third, DTSP, allows for the registration of in-flight data processing units which run as services on the hub. The fourth, a contract dashboard, extends SensDash and gives application developers an overview about the performance and state of all services they consume, as well as functions to re-negotiate SLAs.
A next-generation distributed platform is under research. It employs techniques from dispersed and stealth data processing to ensure both a high availability and a high confidentiality of the data from the source to the destination. In the Cloud Storage Lab, foundational concepts and algorithms have been designed to assist the development of the techniques. Another research topic in DaaMob is the use of multi-level SLAs with pre-negotiated graceful degradation, compared to a binary active/violated SLA model.
DaaMob is an ongoing project. More information about the DaaMob Service Platform will be published in 2016. Meanwhile, there is some content, especially screenshots, in the wiki.

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