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  Welcome to! The Open Source Service Platform Research initiative is committed to exploring, hosting and promoting innovative research ideas in the Internet of Services, Cloud Computing and service ecosystems. We invite researchers everywhere to use our results and to contribute back.  
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A number of open source projects related to the lifecycle of services and the roles of people in service ecosystems are hosted here. The modular base service platform SPACE can be extended on the platform level or on the client side with additional tools. See below the project list for a conceptual project relation diagram. Additionally, the new DaaMob Service Platform uses modern technologies and novel research ideas to keep the idea of service platforms up-to-date.
DaaMob Service Platform: Brokering Data Services in the Cloud

The DaaMob service platform lets users browse data sources from various providers, connect to them with assurance and build applications using them. The resulting software can be run as services on the platform or consumed on mobile devices. A scientific goal of DaaMob is to explore the use of dispersed and stealth computing techniques for brokering the data services.
Service Platform Architecture for Contracting and Execution (SPACE)

SPACE is a modular service platform consisting of interconnected platform services. It contains both service management functionality (semantic registry, service discovery and configuration, contract management, service deployment, monitoring visualisation) and heterogeneous service hosting functionality (deployment, authentication, execution, monitoring and adaptation).
SPACEflight - Live Demonstrator for the Internet of Services

SPACEflight is the integrated, stand-alone live demonstrator which contains most of the projects presented on this page. It runs as a complete operating system with Internet of Services desktop, integrated SPACE service platform with a number of execution containers, a cloud hosting extension and a number of development and provisioning tools. In addition, it offers selective deep-dive system access, intuitive scenario services and documentation.
Cloud Computing Extension

Hosting scalable complex services with operating system access, databases and multiple service endpoints is possible with this extension. It integrates the Eucalyptus cloud stack which is directly controlled by the service configuration performed with SPACE. Instantiated services are right-sized and configured internally through SLA and configuration documents.
Social Service Network Extension

Marketplaces are where service providers and consumers meet. The integration of SPACE platform services into a social network makes it easy to use and blends products with service offers. This extension modifies the Noosfero social network framework and adds synchronisation tools to achieve this goal.
Internet of Services Desktop Extension

Web-based service brokering on marketplaces is not the only way to do it. This extension brings the whole service delivery chain onto the desktop - from the search over the discovery right up to the installation and invocation of a graphical service frontend. It modifies the KDE desktop for this purpose.
Service Engineering and Provisioning Toolchain Extension

When existing services are not enough, new services need to be created with powerful modelling and implementation tools. This extension integrates several modellers (e.g. for USDL and WS-Agreement) with a central bundler tool to deploy service packages and artefacts on service platforms.
Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) / WSMO4IoS

The Internet of Services becomes powerful through the Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) paradigm. In SPACE, both heterogeneous implementation technologies (for non-executable services, runtime engines, containers and clouds) and varying service domains (such as software, data, energy as service) contribute to this aspect. With WSMO4IoS, there is now a well-structured set of ontologies to describe XaaS concepts.

Project Relations
Much of the work on projects is either publicly funded work or comes from volunteer contributions. Please check out our credits and funding sections to learn more.