- Open Source Service Platform Research
  Welcome to! The Open Source Service Platform Research initiative is committed to exploring, hosting and promoting innovative research ideas in the Internet of Services, Cloud Computing and service ecosystems. We invite researchers everywhere to use our results and to contribute back.  
The Open Source Service Platform Research initiative is comprised of a number of individual prototypes which were contributed, improved or integrated by a number of students and research staff.
  • Josef Spillner - overall coordination
Student workers and internships:
  • Bastian Buder - worked on ConQo, the quality- and context-sensitive service discovery, and Contract Wizard, the user-centric contract management tool, now both parts of the base service platform SPACE
  • Volodymyr Bondarenko - works on the CloudRemix cockpit and on cloud storage tasks
  • Anton Caceres - worked on service-oriented social network integration and on service description crawling for the Crowdserving portal, which is an instance of the Social Service Network extension, and on adaptive data synchronisation
  • Sascha Giebner - worked on testing and debugging SPACEflight for evaluating its readiness in practical exercises with students in combination with Servomat
  • Alok Gupta - worked on refactoring the GUI of NubiSave [external project]
  • Jan Hoyer - worked on Grand SLAM, the SLA-driven system and service monitor, and on Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) maintenance, now both parts of the base service platform SPACE
  • Christian Knauer - worked on a Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) module and visualisation of monitoring data in SPACE
  • Ujwal Kumar - worked on various topics related to the Crowdserving portal
  • Ronny Kursawe - worked on the Social Service Network extension to integrate the platform services visually, and on the Real World Services in Dresden evaluation study on Crowdserving
  • Vadym Kyrylkov - works on testbeds for information clouds
  • Johannes Schad - worked on the configuration of virtual machines in the Eucalyptus cloud stack, as needed by the Cloud hosting extension, on the API for the Social Service Network extension, and on refactoring the CloudRemix cockpit for personal clouds [external project] as used in the π-Box
  • Ronny Seiger - worked on the deployment, instantiation and configuration of virtual machines in Eucalyptus for the Cloud hosting extension
  • Stephan Zepezauer - worked on the description of data and resource services for the ConQo discovery in SPACE, and created the FlexiSource device discovery framework for the π-Box
Master and assignment thesis results:
  • Michael Bär - worked on WS-Payment for setting up contracts and tariff options for web service usage, which influenced the design of Contract Wizard in SPACE
  • Andrii Chaichenko - worked on the highly-virtualising cloud resource broker and nested clouds in the Cloud hosting extension
  • Xiaoyu Chen - worked on the spot market for cloud resources used in the π-Box and in the Cloud hosting extension
  • Martin Friedrich - implemented the peaCS testsuite [external prject] for cloud storage integration analysis
  • Xiangjie Hu - worked on the data-as-a-service provisioning tool [external project] for the π-Box
  • Stefan Illgen - worked on the SLA editor which is part of the Service engineering and provisioning toolchain extension
  • Sebastian Köhn - worked on the mass production of web services from command-line tools, creating the MPWS service set for Crowdserving
  • Thomas Muckwar - worked on the optimisation of the ConQo and MaaS platform services in SPACE
  • Johannes Müller - worked on the cloud storage controller NubiSave [external project] which is also integrated into the π-Box
  • Maximilan Quellmalz - works on a next-generation modular data splitting and distribution library
  • Michael Reiher - worked on the desktop integration of service platforms and produced the Internet of Services desktop extension
  • Torsten Schiefer - worked on extending the Contract Wizard tool with aspects of contract negotiation and ratings, now part of SPACE
  • Matthias Simon - worked on operating-system-level execution of BPEL processes, thus significantly enhancing the PyPEL process engine [external project]
  • Anna Utlik - worked on fault-tolerant RESTful service integration, resulting in the ResUp library to be used in service frontends [external project]
  • Emerson Veríssimo - worked on dynamic service selection through balancing proxies and BPEL extensions, influencing the design of the Access Gate proxy in the base service platform SPACE
Find more related student contributions, even if not directly used in our current prototypes, at the result pages of the THESEUS/TEXO research project (theses, people), on the pages of the FlexCloud young investigator group (results), and on the pages of the Cloud Storage Lab (labsite).
Much of the work on projects is either publicly funded work or comes from volunteer contributions. Please check out our credits and funding sections to learn more.