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2014-04-10 hforemove eclipse overhead
2014-04-10 hfoAdded Workaround for xsd datatypes, added lower/higher...
2014-03-27 hfonew SaaSmock#2, updated used based ontologies to xsd...
2014-03-22 hfoUpdated Mock-instance of SaaS to WSAG-BaseOntologies...
2014-03-22 hfoUpdated Bases to the point deliver by WSAG-Branch
2014-03-20 hfoadd domain SaaS and instance mock-SaaS
2014-03-20 hforemove commit-fail files
2014-03-20 hfoUpdate Ontologiesin Usability branch
2014-03-20 hfoadd domain-concepts/SoftwareAsAService.wsml
2014-03-12 Josef SpillnerMerge branch 'usability' into mergebranch master bomba/master origin/HEAD origin/master origin/mergebranch
2014-03-12 Josef SpillnerMerge branch 'migration' into mergebranch
2014-03-12 Josef SpillnerMerge branch 'wsag' into mergebranch
2014-02-27 FelixWebServiceMigration.wsml deleted
2014-02-27 Felixfirst commit of MigrationBase.wsml and CloudMigration...
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