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2015-08-26 Josef Spillner- overdue update after a long time development origin/development
2013-12-16 Josef Spillner- news about π-Box M4
2013-11-06 Josef Spillner- update to the base system which now matches the PiBox...
2013-10-13 Josef Spillner- verlinkbares Logo
2013-10-13 Josef Spillner- more student workers and theses
2013-10-13 Josef Spillner- UCC 2013 news
2013-10-13 Josef Spillner- aktualisierte Förderhinweise
2013-05-07 Josef Spillner- a couple of additionally useful artefact types; from...
2013-05-06 Josef Spillner- scheduled updates to the website in order to adapt...
2013-05-05 Josef Spillner- one additional student contribution
2013-05-05 Josef Spillner- (delayed) news entry on π-Box Live M3
2013-05-05 Josef Spillner- dropins doesn't exist by default - only for Android...
2013-05-05 Josef Spillner- slight GUI streamlining to the currently supported...
2013-05-05 Josef Spillner- first integration of ReSup
2013-05-05 Josef Spillner- screenshots for the upcoming beta8 version
2013-05-05 Josef Spillner- update for beta8
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