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2015-03-30 Sebastian Tilschbegan to work on parliament triple store plugin master bomba/master origin/HEAD origin/master
2015-03-30 Sebastian TilschPDF Metadata Extraction support with grobid
2015-03-30 Sebastian Tilschnew features for RDF Store and recursive attribute
2015-03-30 Sebastian Tilschadded missing ontologies
2015-03-30 Sebastian Tilschadded mre mapping files
2015-03-09 Sebastian Tilschmade RDF IRIs URI compliant and corrected date-conversi...
2015-03-06 Sebastian Tilschontology changes and better Mapping of URIs and values
2015-02-28 Sebastian TilschWGS84 Geo RDF experiments
2015-02-28 Sebastian Tilschnew mapping file
2015-02-28 Sebastian Tilschontologies as RDF/XML Files and rudimentary import...
2015-02-28 Sebastian TilschHeavy lifting and refactoring of Storage Process by...
2015-02-05 Sebastian Tilschchanges to the config system; enhanced Database Plugins...
2015-02-05 Sebastian Tilschadded EventSink Interface for new Plugins and a Facade...
2015-01-06 Sebastian TilschProperty RDF Mapping
2015-01-03 Sebastian Tilschchanges to various CMakeLists to build Plugins optional...
2014-12-12 Sebastian Tilscha lot of work (started from scratch) ;-) Initial commit
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