2013-11-29 Josef SpillnerMerge branch 'master' of master bomba/master origin/HEAD origin/master
2013-11-26 Josef Spillner- ignore generated configuration file
2013-11-26 Josef Spillner- more robust script
2013-11-19 Lipeng Ma Ma removed test_ma
2013-11-19 Lipeng Ma Ma commit test
2013-10-25 Josef SpillnerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-10-25 Josef Spillner- cleanup of precompiled WAR files: they only belong...
2013-10-25 Sebastian TilschMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-10-25 Sebastian Tilschslightly changed swagger REST_API doc
2013-10-25 pujunyuDelete test
2013-10-25 pujunyutest
2013-10-25 Sebastian Tilschpush test
2013-09-07 Josef Spillner- adaptation necessary for "old backend": no /wimd
2013-09-07 Josef Spillner- merge the delta to the previous nodejs branch to...
2013-09-07 Josef Spillner- submodule cleanup
2013-09-07 Josef Spillner- the merge missed the submodule definitions
2013-09-06 Josef Spillner- script is now auto-configuring
2013-08-25 Josef Spillner- cleanup actions on several folders
2013-08-25 Josef SpillnerMerge branch 'nodejs'
2013-08-25 Josef SpillnerMerge branch 'BackendModule'
2013-08-25 Josef SpillnerMerge branch 'doku'
2013-08-25 Josef SpillnerMerge branch 'strigi'
2013-08-25 Josef Spillner- correction: use NubisaveDBAnalyzer class
2013-08-25 Josef Spillner- preliminary make & run scripts
2013-07-20 Sebastian TilschMerge commit '560bf0f481bae02bcdb0c78bf7a051b8b856096b...
2013-07-20 Sebastian TilschSquashed 'webapplication/src/dijit/' changes from 929dc...
2013-07-20 Sebastian TilschMerge commit '4ee43c496e2126a106853fa1d6f870dfade43c7c...
2013-07-20 Sebastian TilschSquashed 'webapplication/src/dojox/' changes from 6abef...
2013-07-20 Sebastian TilschMerge commit 'be8118aa6a2ebb4fd26b4d68f4cb413ac389ba0b...
2013-07-20 Sebastian TilschSquashed 'webapplication/src/dojo/' changes from 9a6ddd...
2013-07-20 Sebastian Tilschremoved changes from dojo core libraries
2013-07-20 Sebastian Tilsch...
2013-07-20 Sebastian Tilschadded Extended datamodels to reflect changes made in...
2013-07-20 Sebastian Tilschremoved DBs
2013-07-20 Sebastian Tilschcleaned up Backend branch
2013-07-19 Sebastian Tilschmerge
2013-07-19 Sebastian Tilsch8080
2013-07-19 Sebastian Tilschchanged my port to 8080 ;-)
2013-07-19 Sebastian Tilschsmall change in NubisaveComponent
2013-07-19 Sebastian Tilschsome fixes needed for swagger and compilation
2013-07-19 Sebastian Tilschuserdoc
2013-07-19 Matthias Hilledeleted legacy folder
2013-07-19 Matthiasstarted rest service doku and commented out some empty...
2013-07-19 Sebastian Tilschadded missing dependencies
2013-07-19 Sebastian Tilschfinished swagger integration :-)
2013-07-18 Sebastian Tilschtried to integrate swagger
2013-07-18 Sebastian TilschMerge branch 'doku' of
2013-07-18 Sebastian Tilschadded swagger project discovery tool
2013-07-18 Sebastian Tilschadded Userdocumentation
2013-07-18 MPenselcode documentation & cleanup
2013-07-18 MPenseladded geodata and iconsrc config support
2013-07-18 MatthiasAdded strigi documentation
2013-07-17 MPenseladded doc for BackendModule implementation
2013-07-17 Sebastian Tilschmade it compliant with the new WIMD Service, restructur...
2013-07-16 MPenseladded strigi datacollectors to index
2013-07-16 martinnew screenshots
2013-07-15 MPenseladded getData functionality to replace components,...
2013-07-15 martinscreenshots and other images
2013-07-15 MPenseladded getConfig
2013-07-15 MPenseladded Main for testing
2013-07-15 MPenselmajor reconstruction
2013-07-15 MPenselnew BackendModule branch
2013-07-12 Sebastian Tilschfix
2013-07-12 Sebastian Tilschadded speech recognition in the search box - try it!
2013-07-12 Sebastian TilschMerge branch 'nodejs' of
2013-07-12 Sebastian Tilschheavy work for application stabilization
2013-07-12 martinadd slide erweiterbarkeit
2013-07-11 martindelete szenario
2013-07-11 martinupdate strigi-ordner
2013-07-11 martinfixed praesi
2013-07-11 martinabschlusspraesi
2013-07-11 martinstrigidaten
2013-07-11 martinSzenariodaten
2013-07-11 Sebastian Tilschadded logo
2013-07-11 Sebastian TilschMerge branch 'nodejs' of
2013-07-11 Sebastian Tilschwork on MapView
2013-07-11 Sebastian Tilschadded feature for Range Queries like gpsLatitude[10;40]
2013-07-10 martinadaption bubbleview to the color scheme
2013-07-10 martinget colors from filter
2013-07-10 martinshows real names from configfile for providers
2013-07-10 Sebastian Tilschbug fix
2013-07-10 Sebastian Tilschadded field gpsLatitude and gpsLongitude to the rdf...
2013-07-10 Sebastian Tilschfinished Coordinate extraction out of images*
2013-07-10 martinfixed reloadproblem storageview
2013-07-10 Sebastian Tilschremoved c++11 dependencies
2013-07-09 Sebastian Tilschworks somehow - but not correctly
2013-07-09 MPenseladded getKeywords support
2013-07-09 Sebastian Tilschfixes
2013-07-09 Sebastian Tilschnon working Coordinate Conversion added (pls fix)
2013-07-09 MPenselcaching meta atributes
2013-07-09 MPenseladded getKeywords
2013-07-09 Sebastian Tilschadded two basic Flash Player for MP3
2013-07-08 Sebastian Tilschpath correction
2013-07-08 Sebastian TilschMerge branch 'nodejs' of
2013-07-08 Sebastian TilschFinished PDF preview
2013-07-08 martinMerge branch 'nodejs' of
2013-07-08 martinfixed breadcrumb
2013-07-08 Sebastian Tilschintegrated PDF support
2013-07-08 Matthiasexample implementation for the usage of the getKeywords...
2013-07-08 Matthiasonly add fieldvalues to the result of getkeywords,...